Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Amazing Experience

Mom 2.0. Summit - Miami, FL
What is your main goal in life? Is it climbing Mount Everest? Courage Vision bigger than her fear 60% of girls don't like the way they look. Don't be paralyzed by self-doubt. What would you be glad you did even if you failed? Many women put on their “Good girl cape” and live life saying I’m going to make everyone happy. When you make a mistake its important to talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you really love. This is a life lesson, you’re a good person and people make mistakes. What we all have in common is fear of failure. When you get to know people almost everyone has a heart breaking story. Nobody is as hard on each other as girls Mothers and friends. Everybody needs an esteem team, who’s yours?
This event was truly amazing from and people I met, inspirational stories, to the business opportunties. It has given me renewed energy for life! So thankful I have found my place.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pap Sam

Alexander T. 'Sam' Parenti owned GC trucking company liked to bowl, and fish. He died at the age of 74 April 17, 2002. My Grandpa “Pap Sam” was born Oct. 6, 1927, in Clearfield Township, Butler County, to Enrico Parenti and Julia Parenti. A trucker for 50 years, he retired in 1997 as owner of Parenti and Sons Trucking Co. of Grove City. He belonged to Church of the Beloved Disciple in Grove City and was a former member of Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge 1637, Mercer. He was an avid fisherman and bowler. He loved his special canine friends, "Foxy" and "Sheba." My Grandma’s maiden name was Patricia A. Morrow, whom he married more than 57 years ago, at the residence; four daughters, Rose Mary, wife of Harry Jones Jr.; and Dorothy Parenti, both Grove City; Patricia A. Parenti, Spring, Texas; and Valerie Flynn, Mercer; four sons, Alexander T. Parenti Jr. and his wife Joyce, Westland, Mich.; James T. Parenti, Grove City; Thomas R. Parenti and his wife Joyce, Diamond Bar, Calif.; and Michael J. Parenti, Meadville; three sisters, Teresa Nagy, Annabell Ekis and Dyane Parenti, all Boyers; 18 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. Pap Sam had four brothers, John, Domenic, Sylvester and Tony Parenti; and two sisters, Mary Severina and Betty Jean Scarpine. He was an amazing man and I have written this blog post as a tribute for Father’s day. Thinking of all those who have lost their fathers.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

What a day waking up tot Emily’s sweet smiling face, with a tray of yogurt and a cut up banana. She said I cut the banana myself Mom, Happy Mothers Day! She then turned on my videos as she knows how I love to watch music in the morning. Then crawled under the covers and cuddled up to me in bed. A few minutes later Jake came up and had a big brown Kroger bag, and said Happy Mudders day Mom, I made this for you. His face was beaming and his eyes were sparkling and of course he was jumping up and down. I asked where have you been hiding this and he said “under my bed Mom”. I opened the present to find a recipe book form Mrs. Wilkins Kindergarten class; each child had said what their favorite foods that Mom makes. Well Jacob’s favorite food that Mom makes is Domino’s pizza. Not a surprise since Dad does all the cooking, but I did ask don’t you like my peanut butter and jelly? No response, it made me chuckle. He also made me a towel with his hand print on it, and a card that he carefully colored the flowers and did not go out of the lines. It was perfect! While opening Jake’s gift Emily was in her room creating my gift, earlier that week I had found her present in the garbage can, put it on and then realized I ruined her mother day gift. Yes she hid her gift in the garbage can a gorgeous necklace and earrings. She hand made a Box, magnet, pin, and card with a letter B.
We then went for a walk, such a pretty morning, tulips dancing for us, Emily noticing every bird. We held hands the whole way around the block it was like we were in heaven birds chirping and the air smelled so sweet. Called my Mom and wished her a happy day told her about all the great creations I received, she sent a picture of Emily’s hot plate sitting on her stove. Went to church and it was music day at church. I absolutely loved it, got home and got ready to go to Lake O with Family. Got to lake O Mamma K upset, my hubby to the rescue. She was so mad at me for missing Niki’s party. Feel bad but I was not going to miss spending time with my Mom in order to go to her party. Decisions decisions. Had an awesome day on the lake with the kids. The girls did a fashion show for us, blared the radio and strutted up and down the dock with Grandmas old 70’s clothes on, very entertaining. Jake and I spent some time together sitting on the rocks, splashing our feet in the water. He is so full of joy, his cheeks and eyes filled up with joy as he tried to push my feet into the cold water. Mischievious little one, but all day he was such a sweetheart picking any flower he could find, and giving it to his Mudder. Then Michael made a delicious fish dinner for the whole family. I told him his Dad would be proud, I was proud of him he’s such a great person! I love him so much, the Moms sat on the deck while he cooked, it was a grand day.